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Welcome to the website of the research project "Improving the quality of life in Large Urban Distressed Areas (LUDA)". LUDA is a research project of key action 4 "City tommorrow and cultural heritage" of EESD with the running time from February 2004 to January 2006. More details about the Project under project.
The e-Compendium is a collection of material about the regeneration of large urban distressed areas prepared on the base of the LUDA-project. The purpose of the compendium is to promote successful regeneration in large urban distressed areas by improving knowledge exchange and understanding.
Information about each of 16 Project Members, links to the case study areas (Edinburgh, Dresden, Valenciennes, Bratislava, Florenz and Lisbon) and their descriptions. See also resources, links and network.
reference cities
Presentation of the group of 12 Reference Cities, with experience in dealing with distressed areas and regeneration processes. See also resources and network.
Case studies can also be seen in German
Die Fallstudien sind auch auf Deutsch verfügbar
icon newsletter
Archive of all 12 e-newsletters containing information on urban regeneration, published during the project running time. See also resources, and links.
Intranet for the Project Members and Reference Cities

LUDA is a research project of Key Action 4 "City of Tomorrow & Cultural Heritage" of the programme "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development" within the Fifth Framework Programme of the European Commission.
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