LUDA project - Improving the quality of live in large urban distressed areas
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Welcome to the LUDA Compendium

E-Compendium: Homepage

The e-compendium is a collection of material about the regeneration of large urban distressed areas prepared on the base of the EU Research-project "Improving the quality of life in large urban distressed areas".

The purpose of the compendium is to promote successful regeneration in large urban distressed areas by improving knowledge exchange and understanding.

Who can use it?

The compendium can be used by anyone involved in or interested in the regeneration of large urban distressed areas. The main groups likely to use the compendium will be professionals, politicians and citizens.

Where should you start?

The e-compendium does not have a beginning and an end, so you can pick up the sections which are most helpful to you.

If you are a politician, citizen, or a professional, we suggest that you start with Handbook E1. This summarises what is understood about large urban distressed areas (LUDAs), the challenge they pose and how to tackle them.

If you are a professional seeking advice on how to deal with the problems of LUDAs, we suggest that you use the ‘what do you want to know’ page to find out where to go.

What do you want to know?

The handbooks of the compendium address a number of themes. The themes cut across the handbooks, and you may find useful material in a number of different places, although each handbook deals with a different aspect of the LUDA challenge. There is no need to read the handbooks in order, just start with the bit that is most relevant to you. Each handbook is in a pdf format and can be downloaded. The links below show you where to get started:


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