LUDA project - Improving the quality of live in large urban distressed areas



To assure a new perception for Genoa, a need for complex and ambitious renovation program for the historical centre, parallel with the redefinition of the old port, was recognized. The general guideline of the civic administration for this target programme is to satisfy qualitative rather than quantitative standards, implemented by carrying out integrated projects that unite the structural changes with initiatives designed to promote economic and social regeneration.
A comprehensive programme of rehabilitation of the historic centre is already going on, in order to restore the life quality within the historical structures: several operative and strategic projects run on the historic center, lead by the public – private partnerships. In all of them the aim is to renovate the physical conditions, upgrade the public services, and revitalize the urban economy and mobility for higher attractiveness of Genoa as a cultural site. In connection to this process, a complete renewal of the waterfront of the city is taking place, converting the industrial port into new urban spaces. Some of the actions have been already finished, while others are in process, or planned. The programme of the redevelopment Storico should be completed by 2010.

Good practice and innovation:

  1. Improvement of the dynamics of the masterplan by the introduction of innovative (national scale) Piano Operativo (Operation Plan), coordinating a group of precise projects and incorporating them into overall strategy
  2. Close relation to the restored area, bringing the individual approach to the fragile social structure and monumental historical substance, at the same time keeping the overall view
  3. Competitive character of diverse proposed projects, forced by the national funding rules (testing innovative solutions) – small actions understood as impulses for the inner dynamics of the area
  4. Support and creating positive conditions for the integration not only on the local scale of Centro Storico, but also including tourists (improved structures within the city centre and in the commercial port for common leisure and activities)